We help connect Nordic companies with international markets.

Connecting Nordic countries with international markets

Sweden is an export driven economy with exports in 2014 reaching 1,745 Bn SEK and accounting for 45% of GDP and expected to grow higher in 2015. Way back in 2009 we recognised the need for a recruitment service that specialised in helping Swedish companies operate in international markets by tapping into the experience, cultural background and language skills of international professionals and students in Sweden.

We specialise in Technology, Media, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Logistics and Non-Profit sectors.

We recruit talent specific to EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia & China) and SEA (South East Asia).


International market entry

For companies considering entering new markets, we provide a comprehensive research solution covering pre-entry market research, operations research and business plan research. Our consultants are supported by our network of local partners in over 30 countries covering all aspects of research from economic statistics and forecasts to legal council.


International sales

Understanding local consumer behavior, establishing connections and building a sales force is critical to sales success.
We help companies enter emerging markets by providing sales strategy & process consulting, sales support & lead generation for regional managers and local sales and business development talent that works as an extension of your sales force.


International operations

We provide an end to end recruitment solution to support your international operations. This includes consulting to help plan your local organisation, recruitment to meet your skill, language and cultural requirements and translation and services to support business operations and communications across markets. We also offer cultural orientation workshops in selected markets